How to write a general essay for college

An essay, also known as a story, is a written form in any language with which we can pass both a final exam in secondary school and further stages of linguistic education, that is, learning, and in obtaining language certificates.

An essay in any language at the advanced level is an opinion, for and against, problem solving, a discursive essay. We distinguish four types of essay: the first is the one in which we express our opinion (opinion essay), the second is the reasoned essay (for and against the essay), the third type is the essay in which we offer a solution to the problem (providing a solution to essay), and the last is a discursive essay.

The first two types are very common in high school graduation exams, and the rules for writing are not very different even at higher levels of language education (except for the increased word limit and the requirement to use more complex grammatical structures). We will deal with two other types of essay and figure out how to write a general essay for college. An essay in which we offer a solution to a problem is aimed at presenting our proposals on a specific problem. What is important, we are not limited to providing only possible solutions, but also the expected results. This work consists of three parts – introduction, development and termination. In the introduction, we present the problem along with the information why it existed. In the development process, we present solutions that are possible for him, and as a result we summarize our opinion.

Another type of essay is discourse.

This is a very interesting form in which we limit ourselves to presenting various aspects of the problem under discussion, without expressing our opinion on this matter. The reader, relying on our work, should take a position in the described case. The introduction will serve to introduce the topic of speech, to develop various aspects of the problem and to oppose arguments or opposing views – as in the case of the pros and cons. The ending is an ideal place to comment on a problem that has arisen during work. Upon request, in this part you can also submit your opinion.

The process of writing an essay is quite time consuming and requires a lot of effort. That is why it is important to begin work on the essay in advance, so that you have the opportunity to deal with all the subtleties of this work. Search for the necessary information, analyze the topic, discuss the topic with friends and find out what they know. Information sharing is very important when writing an essay. It gives you the opportunity to find new thoughts and ideas. Feel free to ask the teacher for help, because their task is to teach you to write an essay correctly. And in this lesson practice plays a huge role. The more you write an essay, the better you will get.

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